Peter Fingar, independent analyst, internationally acclaimed author, management advisor, former college professor and CIO, has been providing leadership at the intersection of business and technology for over 40 years. Peter is widely known for helping to launch business process management (BPM) with his book, Business Process Management: The Third Wave. He has taught graduate and undergraduate computing studies in the U.S. and abroad, and held management, technical, consulting and advisory positions with GTE Data Services, American Software and Computer Services, Saudi Aramco, EC Cubed (for clients including GE TPN, American Express, Master Card and GE Capital), Noor Advanced Technologies, the University of Tampa, the Technical Resource Connection division of Perot Systems and IBM Global Services. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and his latest of 15 books include; Business Process Management: The Next Wave, which is about the use of distributed intelligence in business and Smart Process Apps: The Next Breakout Business Advantage.

“5W’s “The Smart Legal App – Lawyers Addition” fits into a new technology category for
unpredictable and difficult to manage events. Moreover it is not a generalized workflow or
process management system: it’s specific to the practice of law and includes vital aspects
such as institutional memory across many dimensions. The product works like the individual
user works, and stores all the institutional memory for all users to access immediately and in
the future as the organization grows.”

- Peter Fingar